About La Mouche Bakery


Hi! I’m Fay. I'm the woman behind La Mouche Bakery. 

I’ve been baking-obsessed since I was a teenager, and spent most of my spare time playing around with recipes and techniques to perfect my baking skills.  At 18 years old, I made the first switch to becoming vegetarian and started experimenting with different foods - sharing my learnings and creations in a recipe blog.

After adapting to a vegetarian diet, I then made the next transition and became vegan.

My love of baking - and experimenting with recipes - continued to grow, and I took on the challenge of adapting non-vegan recipes into delicious plant-based creations. And, after fine-tuning my recipes, I wrote and published a cookbook in 2016.

Then came a big change in my life. After growing up in Belgium, I took the plunge and moved to London almost four years ago. Driven by my passion for plant-based baking,

I started working in some of London’s most ‘famous’ vegan bakeries.

I always felt that - although there was a lot of progress - the quality of vegan baked goods available was lacking. It felt uninspired, a bit boring and - at times - just too over the top. My dream was to start my own food business and, after leaving my last job, I finally did.

And here we are!

I wanted to make products that are decadent, delicious and full of high quality ingredients - the kind of baked goods that non-vegans try and go Wow, I would never have guessed this was vegan!

In November 2020, Sanne from Ivy and the Wolf and I opened The Vaults Collective.

Our first brick and mortar shop. You can now enjoy my baked treats in a plant filled

oasis accompanied by a tasty coffee made by our friendly baristas.